Giveaways reimagined

The only discord giveaway bot you'll ever need


Effortless Giveaways

Friskytool is, at it's core, a giveaway bot, and it excels at that. You can create giveaways that last up to a year and with as many winners as you want, and you have full control over everything. You can end the giveaway early, cancel the giveaway, or do anything you really want!

Versatile Requirements

To add on to it's giveaway functionality, Friskytool has a slew of requirements to aid with your giveaway needs. You can require a user to have a certain level with Amari, Mee6, and many other leveling bots, require them to have invited a certain amount of people, require certain message amounts, and many more!

Easy Invite Counting

Ever wanted to know how many people someone has invited into your server? Well with Friskytool you can! Simple invitation counting comes bundled with friskytool

Great and Active Support Team

Any issues? Join our support server for 24/7 support with great service! We can solve your problem quickly and effectively.